Welcome to Peaceful Beginnings Birth Services.

Your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing matter. You deserve to feel peaceful, confident, and safe during your pregnancy and birth. 


empowerment - education - support

Peaceful Beginnings Birth Services provides doula services to growing families in the Fort Wayne area. We believe in walking alongside women and empowering them through education and support.

What is a doula?

A birth doula is a non-medical professional who serves growing families throughout pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period by providing informational, emotional, and physical support. We also help coach birthing partners on how to best offer support. 

Research shows that receiving continuous support from a trained doula significantly reduces the rate of Cesareans and other medical interventions. Women who were supported by a doula report having a more positive and calm birthing experience and their babies were less likely to have complications at birth or be admitted to the NICU. 

Meet Caitlyn

Hey! My name is Caitlyn Austin. I’ve lived in Fort Wayne for 5 years working as a special education teacher. While I cherish the relationships I formed and am very thankful for my experience, I discovered that my career choice was not the best fit for my passions and strengths. 

However, I still had a desire to empower others through education, which is a large part of what drew me to birth work. I’m passionate about equipping mothers to feel confident, calm, and prepared for birth. I love coming alongside and encouraging families during one of the most beautiful and challenging transitions of their lives. 

When I’m not studying all things pregnancy and birth related, I love exploring new hiking trails, curling up with a good book, taking walks with my puppy, sketching flowers, and cooking food from all over the world. 


I am proud to be certifying with Childbirth International as a birth doula and have continued my education to become a certified VBAC doula through The VBAC Link. I am also a member of the Community Doula Collective.